What is the Difference between the Ghibli vs Ghibli SQ4?

December 31st, 2014 by

The Ghibli is becoming unbelievably popular, with buyers having to choose between the base Ghibli and the Ghibli SQ4. Here are the differences between the two.

The 2015 Maserati Ghibli is one of our best-selling cars right now. They are the more affordable, more practical, yet still ultra-high-performance models in our showroom. They tend to steal a great many customers away from BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and others. Maserati is taking no prisoners. The number one question we continue to get about this supercar, though, is What is the Difference between the Ghibli vs Ghibli SQ4?

In several online forums where current Maserati customers can chat about their cars, the question is often asked if the SQ4 is worth the extra expense. The first thing highlighted by many Ghibli owners is that the base Ghibli offers several configurations and personalization options, which can bring many of the standard Ghibli’s features in line with the standard features of the Ghibli SQ4. The highly-customized options are similar to an ala carte menu and can put the pricing all over the board. Ultimately there is no clear answer in regards to if the SQ4 is worth the added expense since that depends solely on the personalized set of features you seek most.

There is a solid consensus in regards to the worth of the SQ4 when it comes all-wheel drive. If you live in a climate worthy of all-wheel drive, the SQ4 is unbeatable.

So what does the SQ4 have that the base Ghibli doesn’t? Well among others, the big features include:

  • All-wheel drive
  • Additional 50 horsepower
  • Navigation comes standard
  • Faster acceleration by a few tenths of a second
  • Three ultra-luxurious Italian leather and memory foam cradle seat options
  • An additional 13 mph for maximum speed
  • Front and rear parking sensors

If you are after more power, a little more comfort, and a few more bells and whistles, the 2015 Ghibli SQ4 is likely the car for you. As mentioned, though, the Ghibli and Ghibli S base models allow for unparalleled personalization for you to also pick and choose the options that best fit your lifestyle, your needs, and your desires.

Take a closer look at our Ghibli inventory. If a particular set of features ignites your interest, don’t hesitate to swing by the showroom for a closer look. As we say, Maserati isn’t just a car company. It’s an experience. We hope to see you soon.

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