A Guide to the 2017 Quattroporte Models

December 15th, 2016 by

The 2017 Maserati Quattroporte hits showroom floors with more tech and more luxury. There are three different models to choose from, and they each have their own features and benefits. Here is your guide to the 2017 Quattroporte models.

The Quattroporte S

The Quattroporte S is the base model. It comes with a powerful 3.0-liter V6 engine with 404 horsepower, and rear wheel drive. The transmission in the S is the same eight-speed ZF automatic that you’ll find in all the models. There are two trims available as an option on the S. If you want to upgrade you can add either the GranLusso trim or the GranSport trim. The GranLusso offers luxury addition such as Radica wood on the dash and four-zone climate control. It will also add an electric rear sunshade and heated seats in the back.

The Quattroporte S Q4

The SQ4 has the same 3.0-lite V6 engine but with all-wheel drive. This model also comes with the ZF automatic transmission, and you can add on either the GranLusso trim or the GranSport trim. Choose between the GranLusso to add more luxury, or the GranSport to add sporty features including 12-inch wheels and black accents on the exterior. The GranSport trim also redesigns the steering wheel adding either carbon fiber or leather trim.

The Quattroporte GTS

For those who want even more power behind the wheel, the GTS comes with a 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine that delivers 523 horsepower. Maserati pairs this with rear wheel drive and the same eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. While the GranLusso and GranSport trims are an optional addition to the S and SQ4, you can choose one of the trims as standard on the GTS.

New Exterior Design

All of the Quattroporte models have a new look for 2017. Maserati restyled the front grille and changed the look of the LED light clusters in the back. The bumpers have a new look, while the three air vents along the side of the vehicle that Maserati is known for remain the same. The profile of the Quattroporte is sleek with frameless doors, and an integrated spoiler in the back helps to keep the vehicle solidly on the road when traveling at higher speeds.


The inside of this vehicle is luxury at its best. Maserati uses soft Italian leather with wood or carbon-fiber accents to create a comfortable and luxurious space. There is now an 8.4-inch touchscreen display with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and you can add a Bowers & Wilkins sound system. There is room for three in the back with an armrest in the center that includes a USB port and a 12V socket so the rear seat passengers can charge and use their electronics.

The biggest difference between the three Quattroporte models is the engine and the drive train. The higher end QTS offers the extra trims as standard, and you get the more powerful engine. The base level S is still a contender though with beautiful materials and luxury both inside and out.

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