8 Famous Maserati Fans

June 4th, 2019 by

Let’s face it: The Maserati is a status symbol. The Italian luxury brand’s iconic trident emblem even pays homage to the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna, Italy, elevating it to godlike status in the automotive world. While you don’t have to be a deity or even royalty to own a Maserati, you will need quite a bit of cash, which is why celebrities tend to flock to this car brand. Here are some of Maserati’s most famous fans:

Cameron Diaz

American actress Cameron Diaz of “Shrek” and “There’s Something About Mary” fame has been spotted numerous times around Los Angeles in her black Maserati Quattroporte S 4.7. In fact, photographers have snapped several photos of her filling up the gas tank and looking just as stylish as her favorite ride.

50 Cent

While it’s been unconfirmed as to whether or not 50 Cent actually owns a Maserati, the popular rapper has been photographed behind the wheel of a white Maserati MC12. This limited-production two-seater is bound to stand out regardless of which celebrity takes the wheel.

Lindsay Lohan

The actress Lindsay Lohan is just as much infamous as she is famous, and the same can be said of her connection with Maserati. Miss Lohan has been a longtime fan of Maserati, having owned more than one over the years, but her car got the most attention from the media when she ran a red light and hit a pedestrian.

Vanessa Williams

The singer-turned-actress best known for her villainous role on “Ugly Betty” is a proud Maserati owner. When asked what most interests her about the brand, she said, “There is an undeniable elegance in the design of the Maserati GranTurismo that makes this car a guaranteed head turner.”

Kylie Minogue

Australian-born pop singer and actress Kylie Minogue has been spotted driving a plush black Maserati GranTurismo S, complete with tough biker boots and a leather jacket. Minogue has been known to drop quite a bit of cash on her luxury cars, so it’s no surprise to see her driving one of the industry’s best.

Gwen Stefani

Black Maseratis seem to be a favorite among celebs. Singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani has been photographed numerous times in her 2007 4.2 L Maserati Quattroporte, and everyone assumes the car is brand new based on how immaculate she keeps it.

Francisco Liriano

Francisco Liriano, the Dominican-born professional baseball pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, owns a white Maserati GranTurismo with black interior. One surprising detail about Liriano’s car is that there isn’t a speck of chrome showing anywhere. It boasts an entirely black-and-white Oreo theme that stands out on any city street.

Tyrese Gibson

Another fan of white Maseratis is Tyrese Gibson, actor and American Grammy-nominated R&B singer. This multifaceted artist loves showing off his showstopping 2011 GranTurismo daily driver, which is a far cry from his first ever car purchase of an Oldsmobile Cutlass in 1983.

There’s an elevated sense of pride that comes with owning a Maserati – a feeling that you’ve made it. Join the ranks of influential celebs by splurging on your own today.

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