5 Tips for Preserving Your Paint Job

December 17th, 2015 by

Maserati owners know that their car is a top-of-the-line model. For over 100 years, the Italian automaker has created luxury cars that combine sleek style with powerful and fast engines. The fast engine comes from their beginnings, where the Maserati brothers built Grand Prix cars. Owners and enthusiasts pay attention to details of a Maserati, including keeping the paint job top-notch. Here are five tips to keep your paint looking great for years to come.

One: Keep the Car Out of the Sunlight

Depending on your city keeping your car out of the sun could is difficult, but for those in western Washington, cloudy days are the norm whether it’s raining or not. Trying to clean or wax a hot car leads to streaking and longer cleaning time. Pick an overcast day, when the sun isn’t at its hottest, before doing any maintenance. When you’re not driving it, keep it under a shade or the garage.

Two: Use High-Quality Accessories

Before you clean your car, have the proper tools on hand. Use a microfiber cloth with non-abrasive cleaners when washing so the paint doesn’t strip off over time. As the car dries, use either a rubber squeegee or drying towels made for cars, so there aren’t any water spots or smudges.

Three: It’s All in the Details

As you wash your car, check your tires, chrome, and any other areas for residue that doesn’t come off easily, such as tree sap or dead bugs. Living in winter climates make it worse due to the salt used to de-ice roads, building up and causing rust. The dealership uses a special cleaning blend stronger than what’s in stores, so it’s easier to clean the grime. They also use formulas to make sure the paint won’t strip off.

Four: Polish to Give It the Shine

Over the years, paint can lose its luster and look dull. If after washing your car it looks worn, the wax is coming off. Remove the old wax or it won’t protect your car. Use a liquid-based wax cleaner to get rid of it, then take car polish and put a layer on the car. If you have a buffer, lightly use it all over the car so it sets in and brightens the color. Not feeling confident about using a buffer? Take it to a professional.

Five: Waxing Is Needed

After getting your Maserati polished, you aren’t finished. A polish will bring out the paint color and make it shine, but a wax protects that shine from scratches and nicks from getting deep into the paint job. You only need two coats of wax at the most to make sure you’ve covered the car thoroughly. Unlike a polishing, wax your car once a year.

Having a luxury car is a great item to own, but taking care of it is a top priority. These five tips make sure your car always stay as beautiful as you first saw it at the showroom. Use these to keep your car looking new for as long as you own it.

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