41 Ways to #Stayontrend The Italian Way

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42 Ways to #Stayontrend The Italian Way

Dress your life up in glamour with these 42 ways to stay on trend, the Italian way.

  1. Summer in Milan                                                                                            
  2. Stay for Fashion Week in September                                                          
  3. Winter in Milan                                                                                        
  4. Actually, just stay in Milan year-round                 
  5. Watch La Dolce Vita
  6. Rock a low ponytail
  7. Pair a red dress with black heels
  8. Consider embellished heels
  9. Bring your embellished heels with you to the Amalfi Coast
  10. Opt for an Aperol Spritzer-infused brunch (trust us)
  11. Milano Mustard Handbag 

  12. Google the name Chiara Ferragni
  13. Google the name Sonia Peronaci
  14. Neo mint interiors
  15. Don’t ever feel you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion
  16. Eat at Gurdulù in Florence
  17. Take pictures in front of neon backdrops like it’s your job
  18. *Bellinis*                                                              

  19. Glide through the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy
  20. Rock ultra-volumized hair
  21. Avoid vibe-killers
  22. Embrace polka dots
  23. DESIGNER BAG                                                        

  24. Browse Bermuda Shorts
  25. Pair a miniskirt with a turtleneck
  26. Smokey eyes
  27. Bold + busy prints
  28. #barelytheremakeup
  29. Drive a Maserati                                             

  30. *Add a dash of sparkle & glitter to your makeup
  31. Drive a 2019 Maserati Ghibli                                                                                                      
  32. #Redlips
  33. Drive a Maserati Levante GranLusso                                                                                       
  34. #Berrylips                                                                                                                     
  35. Dramatic neck bows
  36.  #Winelips
  37. Re-energize while resting on a curving sofa
  38. Spend Summertime on Cinque Terre
  39. Long, embellished, asymmetrical earrings
  40. Midi rings
  41. Layered necklaces
  42. Choose fringe lighting
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