4 Advantages of Owning a High-Performance Luxury Vehicle

March 4th, 2016 by

High-performance luxury vehicles are objects of desire for many people, and for good reason. Between their aesthetics, luxurious trimmings, and powerful engines, high-performance luxury vehicles have become staples in movies, songs, and television shows as status symbols. They are signs of wealth and taste. Whether you’re looking for a racing-style car or a statement vehicle, owning a high-performance luxury vehicle like a Maserati is the dream of many. We’ve come up with the top four advantages of owning one of these coveted vehicles.

Overall Safety

Luxury auto makers have more room to play with their technology advancements, and this often leads to innovations in safety standards. What are now standard safety technologies, like lane change assist, rearview cameras, forward collision warning, and stability control, were all first introduced by luxury car makers before making their way into lower markets. 44 percent of the top safety picks from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety had a base price starting at $30,000 or higher, showing the power of the safety features in high-performance luxury vehicles. That being said, the vehicles themselves aren’t necessarily safer, with ultralight bodies and high-speed capabilities, but their designers are committed to keeping owners as safe as possible.


While most other technologies tend to have a short shelf life as status symbols, a high-performance luxury vehicle is a symbol with longevity. While the status of owning one of these vehicles isn’t something on everyone’s mind, they do carry weight with them, and make statements about their owners’ success. Obviously this isn’t the top reason to buy one of these cars, but it’s a definite perk that can’t be ignored. After all, not everyone can afford a vehicle like a Maserati.

Design Quality

High-powered performance vehicles aren’t cheap, so it makes sense that the quality of the design elements are top-notch. The price tag for most of the vehicles is well-deserved, with real wood, chrome, and other luxury material accents. Plus, the actual material the vehicles are made out of tends to be much higher quality than their everyday vehicle counterparts. Technologies included are often cutting edge, whether they’re for performance monitoring or entertainment. Plus, comfort tends to be at the forefront of many of the interior designers’ minds: You’d be hard-pressed to find uncomfortable bench seating in a luxury vehicle.


When you’re paying more for a car, you’d expect its parts to last longer, and that’s exactly the goal of many luxury performance manufacturers. The reputation of the brand rests not only on its performance, but also on its dependability, and that’s why you’ll find most luxury vehicle makers invest in high-quality parts that last longer and perform better. Getting these vehicles repaired is often more expensive, due to the quality of their parts and specificity of their design, but you’ll go much longer between repairs with one of these vehicles.

Owning a high-performance luxury vehicle isn’t for everyone, but for those who desire not only quality performance but quality design, these vehicles are often the only way to go.

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